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  • Delta: a new Web-based 3D genome visualization and analysis platform

    Delta is an integrative visualization and analysis platform to facilitate visually annotating and exploring the 3D physical architecture of genomes. Delta takes Hi-C or ChIA-PET contact matrix as input and predicts the topologically associating domains and chromatin loops in the ge...

    Tags: Delta, Web-based, 3D, genome, visualization, analysis, platform

    66 days ago

  • zPicture: A dynamic blastz alignment visualization

    zPicture is a dynamic alignment and visualization tool that is based on blastz alignment program utilized by PipMaker. zPicture alignments can be automatically submitted to rVista 2.0 to identify conserved transcription factor binding sites.

    Tags: zPicture, dynamic, blastz, alignment, visualization

    25 days ago

  • xmatchview: smith-waterman alignment visualization

    xmatchview and xmatchview-conifer are imaging tools for comparing the synteny between DNA sequences. It allows users to align 2 DNA sequences in fasta format using cross_match and displays the alignment in a variety of image formats. xmatchview and xmatchview-conifer are written in python and run...

    Tags: xmatchview, smith-waterman, alignment, visualization, synteny

    58 days ago

  • AliTV—interactive visualization of whole genome comparisons

    AliTV, which provides interactive visualization of whole genome alignments. AliTV reads multiple whole genome alignments or automatically generates alignments from the provided data. Optional feature annotations and phylo- genetic information are supported. The user-friendly, web-browser based an...

    Tags: AliTV, interactive, visualization, whole, genome, comparisons

    45 days ago

  • List of visualization tools for network biology

    Network analysis is any structured technique used to mathematically analyze a circuit (a “network” of interconnected components). The Network analysis provides the ability to quantify associations between individuals, which makes it possible to infer details about the networ...

    Tags: visualization, tools, network, biology

    27 days ago

  • List of visualization tools for genome alignments

    Genome browsers are useful not only for showing final results but also for improving analysis protocols, testing data quality, and generating result drafts. Its integration in analysis pipelines allows the optimization of parameters, which leads to better results. But sometime, we need publi...

    Tags: List, visualization, tools, genome, alignments, NGS

    22 days ago