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  • Des Higgins: Visualizing Multiple Sequence Alignments

    Copyright Broad Institute, 2013. All rights reserved. Des Higgins ( gives a very entertaining introduction to the visualization of multiple sequence alignment, and to his widely-used Clustal tool. He highlights the emerging challenge of managing alignments with a very lar...

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    1425 days ago

  • Update Genome Workbench 2.7.15 released

    NCBI Genome Workbench is an integrated application for viewing and analyzing sequence data. With Genome Workbench, you can view data in publically available sequence databases at NCBI, and mix this data with your own private data. Genome Workbench can display sequence data in many ways, includ...

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    1424 days ago

  • Orione – a web-based framework for NGS analysis in microbiology

    End-to-end NGS microbiology data analysis requires a diversity of tools covering bacterial resequencing, de novo assembly, scaffolding, bacterial RNA-Seq, gene annotation and metagenomics. However, the construction of computational pipelines that use different software packages is difficult due t...

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    1278 days ago

  • Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) tutorial

    The Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) from the Broad Center allows you to view several types of data files involved in any NGS analysis that employs a reference genome, including how reads from a dataset are mapped, gene annotations, and predicted genetic variants.

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    1288 days ago

  • DaVIE: Database for the Visualization and Integration of Epigenetic data #Epigenetics #Visualization

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    1238 days ago

  • ECR Browser: a tool for visualizing and accessing data from comparisons of multiple vertebrate genomes #Browser #Visualization #Genome #Synt

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    1235 days ago

  • FeatureStack: Perl module for comparative visualization of gene features #Perl #Module #Visualization #Gene

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    1198 days ago

  • deepTools

    deepTools addresses the challenge of handling the large amounts of data that are now routinely generated from DNA sequencing centers. To do so, deepTools contains useful modules to process the mapped reads data to create coverage files in standard bedGraph and bigWig file formats. By doing so, de...

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    1169 days ago

  • A 3D Map of the Human Genome

    Suhas Rao and Miriam Huntley (of the Aiden Lab) describe a 3D map of the human genome at kilobase resolution, revealing the principles of chromatin looping. Guest Origami Folding: Sarah Nyquist. Suhas S.P. Rao*, Miriam H. Huntley*, Neva C. Durand, Elena K. Stamenova, Ivan D. Bochkov, James T. Ro...

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    1135 days ago

  • Google data publisher #R #Data #Visualization

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    968 days ago