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  • karyoploteR: plot whole genomes with arbitrary data

    karyoploteR is an R package to create karyoplots, that is, representations of whole genomes with arbitrary data plotted on them. It is inspired by the R base graphics system and does not depend on other graphics packages. The aim of karyoploteR is to offer the user an easy way to plot data a...

    Tags: karyoploteR, plot, whole, genomes, NGS, arbitrary, data

    23 days ago

  • Mugsy: multiple whole genome alignment tool

    Mugsy is a multiple whole genome aligner. Mugsy uses Nucmer for pairwise alignment, a custom graph based segmentation procedure for identifying collinear regions, and the segment-based progressive multiple alignment strategy from Seqan::TCoffee. Mugsy accepts draft genomes in the form of multi-FA...

    Tags: Mugsy, multiple, whole, genome, alignment, tool

    78 days ago

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