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WiseScaffolder is a stand-alone semi-automatic application for genome scaffolding of pre-assembled contigs using mate-pair data. It also produces editable scaffold maps, allowing either to build gapped scaffolds or usable as a common thread for the manual improvement of scaffolds.


WiseScaffolder includes 4 subcommands: dumpconfig generates a configuration file that notably specifies the average insert size of the mate-pair library preprocess allows the detection and correction of chimerae, the estimation of contigs copy number and produces valuable outputs for the manual improvement of scaffolds scaffold constitutes the central scaffold-builder and comprises two modules:

i) the interative_scaffold_extender, which works with big, unambiguous contigs, or when they run out, single copy contigs, and

ii) the small_contig_inserter, which inserts the small contigs within scaffolds buildfasta converts the scaffold(s) map(s) into Fasta sequences.