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The accurate description and annotation of structural variants can be complex.  This is due to the different resolution that variants are reported from traditional cytogenetic coordinates down to the actual base pair positions. Furthermore, multiple rearrangements in a single area of the genome can make cataloguing and interpreting their effects challenging. 

The Rearrangement Overview page describes the one or more breakpoints which make up a structural variant. A breakpoint is defined as a region or point where the sample sequence has altered from the reference sequence. Minimum interpretation is made of this data. One variant event can consist of one or multiple breakpoints. The Syntax (shown above the table) gives a detailed description of the variant and its location  (e.g. chr11:g.36585230_76606619del, a deletion of roughly 40Mb on chromosome 11). Syntax is based on HGVS mutation nomenclature recommendations [http://www.hgvs.org/rec.html].