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UpSetR Shiny App!


UpSetR generates static UpSet plots. The UpSet technique visualizes set intersections in a matrix layout and introduces aggregates based on groupings and queries. The matrix layout enables the effective representation of associated data, such as the number of elements in the aggregates and intersections, as well as additional summary statistics derived from subset or element attributes.

To begin, input your data using one of the three input styles.

  1. "File" takes a correctly formatted.csv file.
  2. "List" takes up to 6 different lists that contain unique elements, similar to that used in the web applications BioVenn (Hulsen et al., 2008) and jvenn (Bardou et al., 2014)
  3. "Expression" takes the input used by the venneuler R package (Wilkinson, 2015)