Bioinformatics freelancer !!

Several researchers after browsing BOL asked us to help them to process their NGS/GenOmics data and inquire us for independent bioinformatics support. Hence we decided to provide bioinformatics consulting or freelance service. Those who are interested please write to us soon at

In case you hired a informatics guy, but due to lack of knowledge of biological science , he/she unable to to justice with your data or unable to bring data to desired outcome what exactly you looking for. Due to this reason, you now looking for the proficient bioinformatician, then immediately drop a email at above mentioned email address and take help from available bioinformatician who ready to help you in dealing with your data.

You could have also found the right bioinformatician using an alternative way: you can simply post a project at BOL where she/he can mention what services she/he exactly needs . In the next step, bioinformaticians registered in the site will look at the posted project and accordingly give you suggestion. Then you decide, which steps you want us to execute.

BOL currently in touch with well-experienced and qualified professionals in the bioinformatics and NGS domain. BOL helps in making things easier for those seeking bioinformatics services to get what you exactly need, instantly and efficiently.

Let me know if you have any questions at