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  • 2013 Method of the Year

    -Nature Publishing Group selected single-cell sequencing as Method of the Year for 2013. ->100 peer-reviewed single-cell publications based on Fluidigm technology Source: About Single-Cell Sequencing: http://bernstein.harvard.ed...

    Tags: Single-Cell Sequencing, DNA sequencing, single-cell mRNA sequencing, transcriptome analysis

    1445 days ago

  • Algorithms for DNA Sequencing (course offered each month)

    "We will learn computational methods -- algorithms and data structures -- for analyzing DNA sequencing data. We will learn a little about DNA, genomics, and how DNA sequencing is used. We will use Python to implement key algorithms and data structures and to analyze real genomes and DNA sequencin...

    Tags: algorithms, bioinformatics, DNA sequencing

    874 days ago