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  • Which of the following programming language is best for a bioinformatics beginner?

    I will be doing NGS in the course of my research work and I will like to learn a programming language which is compatible with most bioinformatics tools or software. I basically want to do de-novo assembly, map reads, align reads, and expression analysis. Recommendations welcomed. Which languages...

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    1231 days ago

  • At what age did you gain passion in Bioinformatics?

    Most of the bioinformatician were biologist ( yeah ... not all ;), and at later stage they gain a passion in Bioinformatics and learn it. When did you get inclined towards computational analysis of biological data?

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    939 days ago

  • How long have you been a bioinformatics scientist for?

    Most of the researcher have been a scientist whole life, but infact they actually started paying  it with at certain time.So, how long have you been in bioinformatics domain now?

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    939 days ago