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  • Integrative RNA and ChIP-Seq analysis of regulatory T-cells

    Integrative RNA and ChIP-Seq analysis of regulatory T-cells , a Strand NGS application note describes how integrated multi-omics functionality in Strand NGS was used to find the regulatory role of FoxP3 in T-regulatory and T-helper cells. Learn how the gene expression profiles from RNA-Seq a...

    Tags: RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Strand NGS, regulatory cells, T-cells

    936 days ago

  • Integrated mRNA and microRNA transcriptome analysis in Strand NGS

    Using a nasopharyngeal carcinoma case study, this paper highlights the integrated transcriptome analysis capabilities of Strand NGS demonstrating the identification of miRNA – mRNA interactions in regulatory networks.Read the application note on Integrated mRNA and microRNA transcripto...

    Tags: mRNA, miRNA, transcriptome, NGS data analysis, next generation sequencing, Strand NGS

    936 days ago

  • Live Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis on 9 Nov 2016

    Live Webinar on RNA-Seq Data Analysis Abstract: Strand NGS supports an extensive workflow for the analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data. The workflow includes Transcriptome / Genome alignment, Differential expression analysis with Statistical approach and Splicing events detection. Strand N...

    Tags: Strand NGS, Webinar, RNA-Seq, NGS, Sequencing

    494 days ago

  • Calling narrow and broad peaks from ChIP-Seq data

    Know about the state-of-the-art algorithms implemented in Strand NGS for detecting the binding sites of transcription factor (narrow peaks) and enriched regions of histone modification (broad peaks) from ChIP-Seq data.Read the benchmarking study on Calling narrow and broad peaks from ChIP-Se...

    Tags: ChIP-Seq, strand ngs, peak calling, PICS, MACS, broad peaks, narrow peaks

    936 days ago

  • Webinar on Implications of Next Generation Sequencing in Molecular Diagnosis of Cancer on 28 Sep 2016

    Abstract: Genetic testing requires screening of the entire gene, which by conventional sequencing is time consuming and expensive. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based approaches increase the sensitivity of mutation detection, making it fast and cost-effective compared to the conventional test...

    Tags: strand NGS, hereditary cancer, ovarian breast cancer, retinoblastoma

    542 days ago