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  • Phylogenomics/Phylogenetic website

    Welcome to, a discussion forum for phylogenetic theory and applications. The primary goal of this forum is to discuss best practice and new developments in phylogenetics. Although we do have a Troubleshooting category for getting feedback on analyses, this is not a help site for...

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  • Statistics of current Sequencing and Bioinformatics market

    This survey conducted by Oxford Gene Technology, provider of innovative genetics research and biomarker solutions to advance molecular medicine, has released the results from a recent survey of researchers using next generation sequencing. (Source:http://ww...

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  • Precision Medicine

    Coupling established clinical–pathological indexes with state-of-the-art molecular profiling to create diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic strategies precisely tailored to each patient's requirements — hence the term “Precision medicine”  Source:http://www.nejm.o...

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  • Bioinformatics market in India

    Key Topics Covered in the Report: The market size of the Indian Bioinformatics Industry , FY’2007-FY’2013 Market segmentation of India bioinformatics industry by application by sectors, FY’2007-FY’2013 Market Segmentation of India bioinformatics industry by products a...

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  • Molecular Genetics Lecture

    "Robert Sapolsky makes interdisciplinary connections between behavioral biology and molecular genetic influences. He relates protein synthesis and point mutations to microevolutionary change, and discusses conflicting theories of gradualism and punctuated equilibrium and the influence of epigenet...

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  • Key Bioinformatics Scientists

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  • Learn Genetics Online

    Great source to learn genetics and other relevant stuffs online.

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  • Directional dominance on stature and cognition in diverse human populations

    Analysis of the genomes of >350,000 individuals revealed the existence of a small though measureable association between genome-wide homozygosity and some vital complex traits... Directional dominance is predicted for traits under directional evolutionary selection, this study provides e...

    Tags: runs of homozygosity, quantitative traits, genetics, association study

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