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  • Want to Know which genome assembler rule the world ?

    Assemblathon 2: evaluating de novo methods of genome assembly

    Tags: Sequencing, DNA, Genome Assembly, Assembler, Omics, de novo

    1652 days ago

  • ArrayGen Bioinformatics Genomics Group

    ArrayGen is a global bioinformatics company which is a one stop solution for microarray designing and genomics data analysis. Our novel Array Design Approach Strategy (ADAS) aims to condense the time lag between demands of scientific community and manufacture industry, thereby expediting research...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Genomics, NGS, Microarray, Chip-Seq, RNASeq, Genome Assembly, DNA Methylation, Personalized Genomics, Biotechnology

    1238 days ago

  • Largest Genome Sequenced

    The enormous size of the loblolly pine genome having 22 billion base pairs compared to only 3 billion in the human genome. In other words, it is seven times larger than a human’s and also the largest and the most complete conifer genome ever sequenced. Related Paper: http:/...

    Tags: Sequencing, conifer, genome assembly, plant

    1429 days ago

  • Resolving the complexity of the human genome using single-molecule sequencing

    The human genome is arguably the most complete mammalian reference assembly yet more than 160 euchromatic gaps remain and aspects of its structural variation remain poorly understood ten years after its completion. The results in this paper

    Tags: variants, human reference genome, structural and sequence variation, genome assembly

    952 days ago