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  • Steps for #Prokaryotic #genome #assembly and #annotation

    Tags: Prokaryotic, genome, assembly, annotation

    356 days ago

  • MGRA: Breakpoint graphs and ancestral genome reconstructions

    MGRA (Multiple Genome Rearrangements and Ancestors) is a tool for reconstruction of ancestor genomes and evolutionary history of extant genomes. It takes as an input a set of genomes represented as sequences of genes (or synteny blocks) and produces such sequences for ancestral genomes at the in...

    Tags: MGRA, Breakpoint, graphs, ancestral, genome, reconstructions

    214 days ago

  • GOLD:Genomes Online Database

    GOLD:Genomes Online Database, is a World Wide Web resource for comprehensive access to information regarding genome and metagenome sequencing projects, and their associated metadata, around the world.

    Tags: GOLD, Genomes, Online, Database, comprehensive, access, information, genome, metagenome, sequencing, projects, metadata

    213 days ago

  • Opera: An optimal genome scaffolding program

    Opera (Optimal Paired-End Read Assembler) is a sequence assembly program ( ). It uses information from paired-end or long reads to optimally order and orient contigs assembled from shotgun-sequencing reads.An updated version called OPERA-LG has b...

    Tags: Opera, optimal, genome, scaffolding, program

    89 days ago

  • DFAST: a flexible prokaryotic genome annotation pipeline for faster genome publication

    We developed a prokaryotic genome annotation pipeline, DFAST, that also supports genome submission to public sequence databases. DFAST was originally started as an on-line annotation server, and to date, over 7,000 jobs have been processed since its first launch in 2016. Here, we present a newly ...

    Tags: DFAST, flexible, prokaryotic, genome, annotation, pipeline, faster, genome, publication

    102 days ago

  • Genomicus: genome browser that enables users to navigate in genomes in several dimensions

    Genomicus is a genome browser that enables users to navigate in genomes in several dimensions: linearly along chromosome axes, transversaly across different species, and chronologicaly along evolutionary time. Once a query gene has been entered, it is displayed in its genomic context in parallel...

    Tags: Genomicus, genome, browser, enables, navigate, genomes, several, dimensions

    98 days ago

  • coursera genome assembly tutorial

    Solutions to Coursera Genome Sequencing (Bioinformatics II)

    Tags: coursera, genome, assembly, tutorial

    91 days ago

  • SPAdes hybrid genome assembly

    When you have both Illumina and Nanopore data, then SPAdes remains a good option for hybrid assembly - SPAdes was used to produce the B fragilis assembly by Mick Watson’s group. Again, running will show you the options: This produces: SPAdes genome ...

    Tags: SPAdes, hybrid, genome, assembly, ONT, Nanopore

    89 days ago

  • Ribbon: Visualizing complex genome alignments and structural variation:

    Ribbon can be used for long reads, short reads, paired-end reads, and assembly/genome alignments. Instructions for each data format are available by clicking on "instructions" in each tab on the right. Local installation: You can install Ribbon locally from Github by following the instructions ...

    Tags: Ribbon, Visualizing, complex, genome, alignments, structural variation

    87 days ago

  • Scripts for the analysis of HGT in genome sequence data.

    Scripts for the analysis of HGT in genome sequence data

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    87 days ago