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  • GeneProf: analysis of high-throughput sequencing experiment

    GeneProf is a web-based, graphical software suite that allows users to analyse data produced using high-throughput sequencing platforms (RNA-seq and ChIP-seq; "Next-Generation Sequencing" or NGS): Next-gen analysis for next-gen data! Some of GeneProf's highlights include: Easy-to-use web-base...

    Tags: GeneProf, high-throughput, sequencing, experiment

    79 days ago

  • HTSeq: Analysing high-throughput sequencing data with Python

    Overview Paper Documentation overview Author License Prequisites and installation Installation on Linux Installation on MacOS X MS Windows A tour through HTSeq Reading in reads Reading and writing BAM files Genomic intervals and genomic arrays Counting reads by gene...

    Tags: HTSeq, Analysing, high-throughput, sequencing, data, Python

    38 days ago