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  • How to print only the first best hit from blastn tool?

    I used the following command to print the blast hit. [Terminal] blastn -query aaa.fa -db blastdb/nt -evalue 10e-5 -num_threads 4 -max_target_seqs 1 -outfmt '6 qseqid staxid qstart qend sallseqi sstart send evalue length frames qcovs' -out testBlastSee But the outfile print many hits, I only...

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    326 days ago

  • Converting BLAST output into CSV

    Suppose we wanted to do something with all this BLAST output. Generally, that’s the case - you want to retrieve all matches, or do a reciprocal BLAST, or something. As with most programs that run on UNIX, the text output is in some specific format. If the program is popular enough, there w...

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    43 days ago

  • Understanding MegaBlast #Blast #BLASTn #MegaBlast #Alignment

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    326 days ago