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BASH script for SelfBLAST a genome

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By Jit 321 days ago
#!/bin/bash #self BLAST a genome -- Expecting you have blast and samtools installed in your system #Author: Jitendra Narayan #USAGE: ./selfBlast.sh extract <chrName> #USAGE: ./selfBlast.sh all #Common settings FASTAFILE=MergedContigs.fasta MYDB=myDB OUTFILE=seeRES THREAD=20 SEQ="" echo "User $USER provided $# arguments, Detail of the arguments: $@" if [ -f $MYDB.nhr ] then echo "BLAST database for MergedContigs.fasta genome exists" else echo "Thanks for testing this script $USER; Me creating creating blastDB named $MYDB for you"; makeblastdb -in $FASTAFILE -parse_seqids -dbtype nucl -out $MYDB fi if [ $1 = "extract" ] then echo "Extracting the sequence $2 for you from $FASTAFILE -- MAKE SURE U HAVE ADDED CORRECT NAME" samtools faidx MergedContigs.fasta samtools faidx MergedContigs.fasta $2 > $2.fa SEQ=$2.fa elif [ $1 = "all" ] then echo "You want entire sequence to blast" SEQ=$FASTAFILE else echo "Something went wrong $USER - Contact jitendra" fi echo "Doing alignments -- BLASting"; blastn -task megablast -query $SEQ -db $MYDB -evalue 1e-5 -num_threads $THREAD -max_target_seqs 1 -outfmt '6 qseqid staxid qstart qend sseqid sstart send evalue length frames qcovs' -out $OUTFILE; echo "DONE successfully :)"