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  • Bioinformatics -- Understanding of living systems through information science

    Recently, the progress of the Human Genome Project, aiming to decode all human DNA sequences, has highlighted a research field called bioinformatics. In this new field, computers and techniques from information science are not just used as tools to advance life science research; they're expected ...

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    1656 days ago

  • What is Bioinformatics?

    Illustration and Animation: Rachel Robinson Script: Tiffany Trent Voice-over: Kris Monger Sound: Glisten Carefully by Guennadi Malyshevski

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    1642 days ago

  • Introduction to Clustering Algorithms and Applications #Clustering #Algorithms #Bioinformatics #Applications

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    1285 days ago

  • The #EMBOSS #Applications (#programs)

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    717 days ago