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  • Jitendra Narayan

    BioinformaticsOnline(BOL) founder. Within the broad domain of bioinformatics and computational biology, I mainly focus on chromosomal breakpoint and amniotes evolution. I (We) develop certain computational pipeline, and algorithms to harness the huge amount ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Chromosomal Breakpoints, Avian Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Adaptation, Selection, Mammalian Genomics, Molecular Evolution, GWAS, Rotifers

    2 days ago

  • Chickenosaurus on the way !!

    Hmmm ..  Now they know the facts, be careful they might come back as Chickenosaurus. :)

    Tags: Cartoon, Fun, Humor, Joke, Birds, Avian Genomics, Chickenosaurus

    1481 days ago