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  • Recombination detection tool

    A program to detect recombination hotspots using population genetic data. More at

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    684 days ago

  • The Mills lab

    The laboratory is focused on the discovery and analysis of structural variation (SVs) from genomic sequence data. As part of the 1000 Genomes Project and other endeavors, we have helped produce initial fine-scale maps using a variety of SV discovery approaches including: (i) paired-end mapping (o...

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    662 days ago

  • Pattern Searching in a Single Genome

    Pattern searching holds much importance for biologists , for the understanding of DNA ( and its functionality) can be more than a matter of satisfying curiosity , but also give answers to many issuess uchas medical conditions . However,there are a number of ways of searching with in a single chro...

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    650 days ago

  • Efficient genome searching with Biostrings and the BSgenome data package

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    650 days ago

  • Human chromosome length extractor !

    Is there any easiest known way to extract organism's chromosome length?

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    632 days ago

  • MEDEA: Comparative Genomic Visualization with Adobe Flash

    As the number of sequence and annotated genomes grows larger, the need to understand, compare, and contrast the data becomes increasingly important. Using the power of the human visual system to detect trends and spot outliers is necessary in such large and complex data sets. More at http:/...

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    600 days ago

  • #Extract #Chromosome #Number And Start Position #Reads: samtools view bamfile.bam|awk '{print $3 "\t" $4 "\t" $4+length($10)-1}' >

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    536 days ago

  • 4DGenome

    Records in 4DGenome are compiled through comprehensive literature curation of experimentally-derived and computationally-predicted interactions. The current release contains 4,433,071 experimentally-derived and 3,605,176 computationally-predicted interactions in 5 organisms. Experimental data cov...

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    531 days ago

  • What does phasing mean in biology/genetics?

    Hi There,  I recently came across a new term "phasing". What does it mean? I only know it means "genes separated by chromosome" only, can anyone please explain it for me. Thanks in advance.

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    524 days ago

  • Nemo – A stochastic, individual-base, genetically explicit simulation platform

    A recombination map has been added for all multi-locus traits. The map positions (chromosomal) for neutral markers (e.g. SNPs) and loci under selection (QTLs, deleterious mutations, DMIs) can now be specified explicitly, or set at random. The map can hold an unlimited number of loci...

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    442 days ago