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  • #GECA: a fast tool for #gene #evolution and #conservation analysis in #eukaryotic #protein #families.

    Tags: GECA, gene, evolution, conservation, eukaryotic, protein, families

    326 days ago

  • Mulan: MUltiple sequence Local AligNment and conservation visualization tool

    Mulan performs multiple (2 or more) sequence alignments with an efficient and rapid "full local" alignment strategy that ensures a recapitulation of evolutionary sequence rearrangements (such as inversions and reshuffling) in any of the species. It combines refine and tba tool...

    Tags: Mulan, MUltiple, sequence, Local, AligNment, conservation, visualization, tool

    180 days ago

  • OrthoGNC: A Software for Accurate Identification of Orthologs Based on Gene Neighborhood Conservation

    Orthology relations can be used to transfer annotations from one gene (or protein) to another. Hence, detecting orthology relations has become an important task in the post-genomic era. Various genomic events, such as duplication and horizontal gene transfer, can cause erroneous assignment of o...

    Tags: OrthoGNC, Software, Accurate, Identification, Orthologs, Gene, Neighborhood, Conservation

    63 days ago