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  • Jit

    A computational biologist with business in mind ;)

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    2 hours ago

  • Bioinformatics Business

    Bioinformatics Business

    Bioinformatics as a business, not to be confused with bioinformatics as a field of study, is at an interesting crossroads. As an academic branch of learning, bioinformatics remains mostly what it always was — a cross-disciplinary endeavor between computer science and molecular biology. But bioinf...

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    1360 days ago

  • Jitendra Prajapati

    I am a bioinformatics analyst from nothern state of India. Currently, I am doing my PhD on computational comparative genomics.

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    331 days ago

  • BOL

    An academic pursuit that will leverage the managerial, analytical and entrepreneurial skills I have gained during my education and internships to contribute towards the growth of the organization and my own in the service of community.

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    332 days ago

  • BIO-ENTREPRENEURSHIP #Entrepreneurship #Bio #DBT

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    652 days ago