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  • MGRA: Breakpoint graphs and ancestral genome reconstructions

    MGRA (Multiple Genome Rearrangements and Ancestors) is a tool for reconstruction of ancestor genomes and evolutionary history of extant genomes. It takes as an input a set of genomes represented as sequences of genes (or synteny blocks) and produces such sequences for ancestral genomes at the in...

    Tags: MGRA, Breakpoint, graphs, ancestral, genome, reconstructions

    212 days ago

  • GOLD:Genomes Online Database

    GOLD:Genomes Online Database, is a World Wide Web resource for comprehensive access to information regarding genome and metagenome sequencing projects, and their associated metadata, around the world.

    Tags: GOLD, Genomes, Online, Database, comprehensive, access, information, genome, metagenome, sequencing, projects, metadata

    211 days ago

  • Opera: An optimal genome scaffolding program

    Opera (Optimal Paired-End Read Assembler) is a sequence assembly program ( ). It uses information from paired-end or long reads to optimally order and orient contigs assembled from shotgun-sequencing reads.An updated version called OPERA-LG has b...

    Tags: Opera, optimal, genome, scaffolding, program

    87 days ago

  • DFAST: a flexible prokaryotic genome annotation pipeline for faster genome publication

    We developed a prokaryotic genome annotation pipeline, DFAST, that also supports genome submission to public sequence databases. DFAST was originally started as an on-line annotation server, and to date, over 7,000 jobs have been processed since its first launch in 2016. Here, we present a newly ...

    Tags: DFAST, flexible, prokaryotic, genome, annotation, pipeline, faster, genome, publication

    100 days ago

  • Genomicus: genome browser that enables users to navigate in genomes in several dimensions

    Genomicus is a genome browser that enables users to navigate in genomes in several dimensions: linearly along chromosome axes, transversaly across different species, and chronologicaly along evolutionary time. Once a query gene has been entered, it is displayed in its genomic context in parallel...

    Tags: Genomicus, genome, browser, enables, navigate, genomes, several, dimensions

    96 days ago

  • coursera genome assembly tutorial

    Solutions to Coursera Genome Sequencing (Bioinformatics II)

    Tags: coursera, genome, assembly, tutorial

    89 days ago

  • Ribbon: Visualizing complex genome alignments and structural variation:

    Ribbon can be used for long reads, short reads, paired-end reads, and assembly/genome alignments. Instructions for each data format are available by clicking on "instructions" in each tab on the right. Local installation: You can install Ribbon locally from Github by following the instructions ...

    Tags: Ribbon, Visualizing, complex, genome, alignments, structural variation

    85 days ago

  • Scripts for the analysis of HGT in genome sequence data.

    Scripts for the analysis of HGT in genome sequence data

    Tags: scripts, analysis, HGT, genome, sequence, data

    85 days ago

  • Bandage: interactive visualization of de novo genome assemblies

    Bandage (a Bioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easily) is a tool for visualizing assembly graphs with connections. Users can zoom in to specific areas of the graph and interact with it by moving nodes, adding labels, changing colors and extracting sequ...

    Tags: Bandage, interactive, visualization, de novo, genome, assemblies

    80 days ago

  • COPE: an accurate k-mer-based pair-end reads connection tool to facilitate genome assembly

    An efficient tool called Connecting Overlapped Pair-End (COPE) reads, to connect overlapping pair-end reads using k-mer frequencies. We evaluated our tool on 30× simulated pair-end reads from Arabidopsis thaliana with 1% base error. COPE connected over 99% of reads with 98.8% accuracy, whic...

    Tags: COPE, accurate, k-mer, pair-end, reads, connection, tool, genome, assembly

    78 days ago