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  • Lawley Lab

    Lawley Lab are covered with a complex microbial community, kno...more genes than are found within our genome. Lawley Lab are really a 'supraorganism' at

    657 days ago

  • The Breitbart lab

    Breitbart’s lab has created a new branch of biology called metagen...erial collected from the environment. Breitbart lab is located in the College Lab Link:

    1621 days ago

  • Medical Epigenomics Lab

    The Medical Epigenomics Lab is part of the CeMM Research Center for Molecula...edicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The lab is directed by Christoph Medical University of Vienna's Department of Laboratory Diagnostics. More a...

    1632 days ago

  • Pandey Lab

    The Pandey Lab at Johns Hopkins University is a Systems Biology lab that combines molecular biology, analytical chemistry and comput...s and biomarkers in a number of cancers. More at http://schol...

    1618 days ago

  • The Brent Lab

    The Brent Lab is developing and applying computational methods for mapping gene regulation networks, modeling them quantitatively, and engineering new behaviors into them.

    15 days ago

  • The Kingsley Lab

    ...e genomes of many organisms have now been completely sequenced, Kingsley lab still know relatively little...ence changes that underlie interesting species-specific traits. Kingsley lab laboratory is using a combina...

    631 days ago

  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Erdmann's Lab

    Her prestigious lab working on Integrative and Experimental genomics to understand the underlyin...I) via GWAS, different Sequencing technologies and Functional genomics. Her lab is located at Institute for C...

    69 days ago

  • Gupta Lab

    Gupta laboratory of Natural Information Processing at DA-IICT. Research in our lab currently focuses on two The key expertise of the lab is in error-correcting codes....logy (ICT). More @

    1623 days ago

  • Nuclear Dynamics Lab

    Lab focus is to elucidate fundamental principles, new mechanisms, machineries and emergent properties that are involved in maintaining the genome and gene expression...

    1318 days ago

  • DbBrowser: Attwood Lab

    DbBrowser: Attwood Lab research concerns protein sequence analysis, prim...d of protein 'fingerprinting'. DbBrowser: Attwood Lab maintain a diagnostic fingerp...ways (e.g., Ambrosia, CINEMA); DbBrowser: Attwood Lab are building re-usable softwa...

    1590 days ago