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  • RCSB PDB Sept'13 Release

    RCSB PDB Sept'13 Release offers following new features: - New tools to search for drugs and drug targets- Improved interface for 3D visualisation using Jmol/JSmol- An update to the representation of protein symmetry and stoichiometry.- Improvements when performing sequence searches. Reference ...

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    1633 days ago

  • Workshop on Resources for Computational Drug Discovery! #DrugDiscovery #PDB #Docking

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    1343 days ago

  • BioDownloader

    BioDownloader is a program for downloading and/or updating files from ftp/http servers. The program has unique features that are specifically designed to deal with bioinformatics data files and servers: optimized to work with vast amount of data and very large file sets (~ 10,000 - 100,000). ...

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    364 days ago