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  • progressiveCactus

    Progressive Cactus is a whole-genome alignment package. Distribution package for the Prgressive Cactus multiple genome aligner. Dependencies are linked as submodules

    Tags: Progressive, Cactus, Whole-genome, Alignment, Package, progressiveCactus

    283 days ago

  • TelomereHunter

    TelomereHunter is a tool for estimating telomere content from human whole-genome sequencing data. It is designed to take BAM files from a tumor and a matching control sample as input. However, it is also possible to run TelomereHunter with one input file. TelomereHunter extracts and sorts telomer...

    Tags: TelomereHunter, tool, telomere, human, whole-genome, sequencing

    23 days ago

  • GPOPSIM: a simulation tool for whole-genome genetic data

    GPOPSIM is a simulation tool for pedigree, phenotypes, and genomic data, with a variety of population and genome structures and trait genetic architectures. It provides flexible parameter settings for a wide discipline of users, especially can simulate multiple genetically correlated traits with ...

    Tags: GPOPSIM, simulation, tool, whole-genome, genetic, data

    40 days ago