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  • Mathew Potter

    I am a trained bioinformatician from UK. My core area of interest are computation cancer genomics and bioinformatics software development.

    Skills: Bioinformatics, R, Perl, Java, Matalab

    1658 days ago

  • Jitendra Narayan

    BioinformaticsOnline(BOL) founder. Within the broad domain of bioinformatics and computational biology, I mainly focus on chromosomal breakpoint and amniotes evolution. I (We) develop certain computational pipeline, and algorithms to harness the huge amount ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Chromosomal Breakpoints, Avian Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Adaptation, Selection, Mammalian Genomics, Molecular Evolution, GWAS, Rotifers. Skills: Bioinformatics, R, Bioconductor, Perl, BioPerl, Java, BioJava

    6 days ago

  • Jai Singh

    I am a computational biologist and currently working on system biology.

    Skills: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

    1622 days ago

  • Jit

    A computational biologist with business in mind ;)

    Skills: Bioinformatics, R, Perl, Java, SAM tool

    3 days ago

  • Linux Cheat Sheet

    In an attempt to find a good Linux reference for bioinformatician and BOL readers, I was unsuccessful at finding a decent one on the Internet. So, we decided to make a cheat sheet for biological programmers.

    Tags: Linux, Bioinformatics, Cheat

    1658 days ago

  • Genomic Impact

    The ongoing genomic research in USA contributed $31 billion to the U.S. gross national product and helped support 152,000 jobs.  Reference:

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Genomics Research, USA, Jobs

    1657 days ago

  • Rahul Agarwal  

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics. Skills: NGS data analysis, Bioinformatics, Programming, Machine learning, MV data analysis

    9 days ago

  • Selecting between Python 2 and Python 3?

    Which version is best for bioinformatician to work on?

    Tags: Python versions, Python2, Python3, Bioinformatics

    1657 days ago

  • Jitendra Prajapati

    I am a bioinformatics analyst from nothern state of India. Currently, I am doing my PhD on computational comparative genomics.

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Business, New Idea, Entrepreneurship. Skills: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

    629 days ago

  • Python vs Perl

    Why bioinformatician still using Perl when Python is easy to code, good in ReXp and faster than perl?

    Tags: Programming, Bioinformatics

    1656 days ago