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  • Genome Browsers

    Genome Browser is the platform/database used for searching and retreiving sequences and annotation of genomes belong to various eukaryotes, prokaryotes, etc. Following are the weblink for different available browsers: http://genome....

    Tags: Genome Browser, Organism, Plant, Animal, Bacteria, fungi, Genome Sequence, DNA, Sequencing, Annotation, SNP, gff, gtf, gff3, vcf, bed

    1462 days ago

  • PhylOligo: a package to identify contaminant or untargeted organism sequences in genome assemblies

    Genome sequencing projects sometimes uncover more organisms than expected, especially for complex and/or non-model organisms. It is therefore useful to develop software to identify mix of organisms from genome sequence assemblies. PhylOligo, a new package including tools to explore, identify and...

    Tags: PhylOligo, package, identify, contaminant, untargeted, organism, sequences, genome, assemblies

    7 days ago