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  • Alignment of closely related whole genomes/scaffolds

    With the relative ease and low cost of current generation sequencing technologies has led to a dramatic increase in the number of sequenced genomes for species across the tree of life. This increasing volume of data requires tools that can quickly compare multiple whole-genome sequences, millions...

    Tags: Whole genome, NGS, Genome, Scaffolds, pan-genome, Evolution, Alignments, Compare

    750 days ago

  • PGAP-X: Extension on pan-genome analysis pipeline

    PGAP-X is a microbial comparative genomic analysis platform with graphic interface. Serials of algorithms and methodologies have been developed and integrated to analyze and visualize genomics structure variation, gene distribution with different conservative levels, and genetic variation from pa...

    Tags: PGAP-X, Extension, pan-genome, analysis, pipeline

    25 days ago