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  • Amino Acid Flash Tutorial

    Protein is a part of every cell in your body, and no other nutrient plays as many different roles in keeping you alive and healthy. Protein is the building block of our body, and amino acids are the main areas of interest. We have emphasized on all 20 amino acids in this documentary movie. This d...

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    1140 days ago

  • Epiviz: interactive visual analytics for functional genomics data #Visual #Analytics #Genomics #NGS

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    1137 days ago

  • Visual machine learning !!!

    In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. More at

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    790 days ago

  • TABLET: Using Tablet for visual exploration of second-generation sequencing data

    Tablet features:     High-performance visualization and data navigation.     Display of reads in both packed and stacked formats.     File format support for ACE, AFG, MAQ, SOAP2, SAM, BAM, FASTA, FASTQ, and GFF3.     Import GFF3, ...

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    17 days ago