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What is Health Informatics?

What is health informatics? In the words of Dr. Noni MacDonald...:
"Most of the way I've seen it defined is the intersection with health information, computer science and health care and health systems but I think that's very linear and very narrow in what it is. For me what Health Informatics is really is about is how do we take all of these tools and have everybody able to manage health, health care systems and their own personal health in a better way. That's whether you're the mayor of the city, whether you're the Dean of Medicine, whether you're the CEO of one of the biggest health organization or you're John Q Public who's just cut their finger. That's what it's all about."
Filmed at Dalhousie University during summer 2010.
Edited by Mohammed Al-Bakri during summer 2011.
Thanks to the participants:
Dr. Grace Paterson
Dr. Noni MacDonald
Dr. Ray LeBlanc
Dr. Ajantha Jayabarathan
Mr. Amir Feridooni
Dr. Raza Abidi
Dr. Brett Taylor