Simple ideogram plotting and annotation in R.

Basic usage:

Rscript Ideoplot.R --heatmap hm.bed --annotate annotations.bed --out ideogram.pdf
Rscript Ideoplot.R --annotate annotations.bed

  --ideobed, i      A bed file of reference contig lengths/chromosome names
  --heatmap, -h     Fill chromosomes with normalized heatmap
                   (described below)
  --annotate, -a    Add character annotations.
  --out, -o         PDF output name.
  --stripes, -s     Specify a file containing the layout of the
                    annotations (description below)
  --bars, -b        Add track annotations
  --reference, -f   Either hg19, or hg38
  --topdown, r      Flag, when set, flips the orientation (P arms
                    drawn on top).