BLAST+ updated !!!

A new version (2.2.31) of the stand-alone BLAST executables (Linux, Windows and MacOSX on FTP) is now available. New features include support for BLAST-XML2 specification (information here) and JSON BLAST output format, as well as several bug fixes and improvements. The BLAST AMI at AWS will also be updated to 2.2.31 (see this BLAST Help page for more information). For a full list of improvements, see the release notes.

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  • Rahul Nayak 187 days ago

    blastn [-h] [-help] [-import_search_strategy filename]
    [-export_search_strategy filename] [-task task_name] [-db database_name]
    [-dbsize num_letters] [-gilist filename] [-seqidlist filename]
    [-negative_gilist filename] [-entrez_query entrez_query]
    [-db_soft_mask filtering_algorithm] [-db_hard_mask filtering_algorithm]
    [-subject subject_input_file] [-subject_loc range] [-query input_file]
    [-out output_file] [-evalue evalue] [-word_size int_value]
    [-gapopen open_penalty] [-gapextend extend_penalty]
    [-perc_identity float_value] [-qcov_hsp_perc float_value]
    [-max_hsps int_value] [-xdrop_ungap float_value] [-xdrop_gap float_value]
    [-xdrop_gap_final float_value] [-searchsp int_value]
    [-sum_stats bool_value] [-penalty penalty] [-reward reward] [-no_greedy]
    [-min_raw_gapped_score int_value] [-template_type type]
    [-template_length int_value] [-dust DUST_options]
    [-filtering_db filtering_database]
    [-window_masker_taxid window_masker_taxid]
    [-window_masker_db window_masker_db] [-soft_masking soft_masking]
    [-ungapped] [-culling_limit int_value] [-best_hit_overhang float_value]
    [-best_hit_score_edge float_value] [-window_size int_value]
    [-off_diagonal_range int_value] [-use_index boolean] [-index_name string]
    [-lcase_masking] [-query_loc range] [-strand strand] [-parse_deflines]
    [-outfmt format] [-show_gis] [-num_descriptions int_value]
    [-num_alignments int_value] [-line_length line_length] [-html]
    [-max_target_seqs num_sequences] [-num_threads int_value] [-remote]