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  • Influenza animation - flu virus mechanism

    Animation of the mechanism of an influenza virus and how Crucell's antibodies target the HA1 proteins on the virus and prevent further spread of influenza. Client: Crucell Direction, Design & Animation: Daniel Lim, 2Preform Music & Sound Design: Javier Barrero, Logical Disorder Production Compa...

    Tags: Influenza, Animation, flu, virus, mechanism

    1587 days ago

  • animated 3d cells in the body

    cutting edge medical animation of cells

    Tags: Cell, Animation

    1584 days ago

  • The Story of You: ENCODE and the human genome

    Ever since a monk called Mendel started breeding pea plants we've been learning about our genomes. In 1953, Watson, Crick and Franklin described the structure of the molecule that makes up our genomes: the DNA double helix. Then, in 2001, scientists wrote down the entire 3-billion letter code con...

    Tags: ENCODE, Genome, Non-coding DNA, DNA, Animation

    1641 days ago

  • The Human Genome Project Video 3D Animation Introduction Low)

    Tags: DNA, RNA, Genomics, NGS, Animation, Video

    1641 days ago

  • Fertilization (Conception)

    View more AMAZING medical animations at To download FREE medical animations of pregnancy and birth, visit This 3D medical animation shows human fertilization, also known as conception. Fertilization is the epic story of a single s...

    Tags: Fertilization, Animation

    1552 days ago

  • Cancer Growth Animation

    This video demonstrates how cancer growth happens in human body.

    Tags: Cancer, Tumour, Animation

    1615 days ago

  • Immune response to cancer cells! AWESOME

    Awesome viddeo explaining the way in which the antibody, HuLuc 63, appears to induce anti-tumor effects by binding to a protein that is only expressed on the surface of myeloma cells. This initiates antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity activity that kills myeloma cells and leaves healthy cell...

    Tags: Immune response, Cancer, Animation

    1615 days ago

  • Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version.mkv

    Работа аппарата Гольджи и ЭПС при дифференцировке лейкоцита

    Tags: Cell, Life Cycle, Animation

    1611 days ago

  • Showreel 2008 - Cortical Studios

    We are a bioinformatics company that combines 3D animation, multimedia and scientific knowledge to meet your communication needs. With our academic background in the fields of biotechnology and molecular cellbiology and our computer expertise we provide cutting edge 3D animation productions for e...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Animation

    1592 days ago

  • Pharmacogenomics at Mayo Clinic

    The right drug, at the right dose, for the right patient. Mayo Clinic uses the latest technologies to understand how drugs will work in individual patients, maximizing drug efficacy and minimizing the potential for side effects.

    Tags: Pharmacogenomics, Animation

    1590 days ago