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  • Fiona Brinkman Laboratory

    Infectious disease control needs to be made more “sustainable”. We need to reduce selective pressure on pathogens to evolve antibiotic resistance. We need to control infectious disease outbreaks and associated immune disorders with a better understanding of the genetic, environmental and social ...

    Tags: System Biology, Genomics, Canada

    1684 days ago

  • Dumontier Lab

    Our research aims to better understand how living systems respond to chemical agents. A key aspect of our approach involves using computational frameworks that are powered by formal (i.e. machine understandable) semantics to make effectively use of vast and diverse amounts of biomedical knowledge...

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    1684 days ago

  • Rolland-Lagan lab

    The Rolland-Lagan lab at the University of Ottawa is specializing in computational and developmental biology. We use a combination of experimental work, microscopy, image analysis and computer simulations to explore developmental mechanisms in two and three dimensions. Research Area Develo...

    Tags: Developmental biology, Computational biology, Simulation modeling, Image data analysis, Canada

    1684 days ago

  • The Upton (VBRC) lab

    This Bioinformatics Resource (, the Canadian half of the now defunct VBRC) focuses on large DNA viruses: Poxviruses African Swine Fever Viruses Iridoviruses Baculoviruses Research Area Custom searches of the viral databases Building new tools . The genome annotation Li...

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    1684 days ago

  • The Centre for Bioinformatics (MCB) Lab

    The Centre for Bioinformatics (MCB) is a diverse collection of professors, postdoctoral fellows, and students, who share a common interest in Bioinformatics. Research Area We are interested in the development of the statistics and computational methods for the analysis of this data in breas...

    Tags: Cancer, Canada, Genomics

    1684 days ago

  • The Laboratoire de genomique fonctionelle

    One persistent challenge of post genome biology remains the determination of the functions of all potential genes. In mammals this task is formidable given that a single gene can produce numerous protein isoforms through alternative pre-mRNA splicing. Protein isoforms from a single gene can have ...

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    1684 days ago

  • Donnelly Centre of Cellular & Biomolecular Research (CCBR), Bader Lab

    We study the organization and evolution of biological systems using computational biology and bioinformatics techniques. We seek to accurately predict links, such as specific molecular interactions, in eukaryotic cell signaling systems using comprehensive genomics data like genome sequence and tr...

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    1684 days ago

  • BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre

    Research Area Genome analysis, genome visualization, mutation detection, molecular docking, comparative genomics, cancer informatics Link @

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    1684 days ago

  • Landry Lab

    EVOLUTIONARY AND INTEGRATIVE CELL BIOLOGY Our research is at the crossroad between cell biology, ecological genomics, systems biology, molecular evolution and population genetics. We study the architecture and evolution of protein and signalling networks. More at http://landrylab.ibis.ulava...

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