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  • ChromEvol

    ...ture of eukaryotic evolution. Chromosome numbers can change by a polyploidy), or by single chromosome changes (ascending dysploidy...scending dysploidy via, e.g., chromosome fusion). Of the various mecha...ays by which the evolution of chromosome number proceeds. For each mod...

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  • RACA: Reference-Assisted Chromosome Assembly

    Rreference-Assisted Chromosome Assembly (RACA), an algorithm to reliably order and orient sequence scaffolds generated by NGS and assemblers into longer chromosomal fragments using...

    414 days ago

  • splitbam: splits a BAM by chromosomes

    splitbam splits a BAM by chromosomes. Using the reference sequence dictionary (...y BAM files if no sam record was found for a chromosome. A pair of 'mock' SAM-Records...exed reference file) REQUIRED. -u (unmapped chromosome name): default:Unmapped -e |...

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  • Pattern Searching in a Single Genome curiosity , but also give answers to many issuess uchas medical conditions . However,there are a number of ways of searching with in a single chromosome.

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    ...his page provides information about and downloads for methodology for Chromosome Painting. It is not a facilit...alyse your genome. Sorry if you were misled by the punchy name! About Chromosome Painting Painting is an effic...

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  • Ideoplot

    ...df -or- Rscript Ideoplot.R --annotate annotations.bed Options --ideobed, i A bed file of reference contig lengths/chromosome names --heatmap, -h Fill chromosomes with normalized heatmap...

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  • CAR: Reconstructing Contiguous Regions of an Ancestral Genome

    ...der and orientation of those intervals from their observed adjacencies in modern species. We combine the results from this method with data from chromosome painting experiments to produ...

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  • Smash: An alignment-free method to find and visualise rearrangements between pairs of DNA sequences

    ...cale. Nevertheless is more directed to large-scale since that the main aim of the research is to know where the large-scale [chromosomal by chromosome] of several primates was equa...

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    ...table) gives a detailed description of the variant and its location  (e.g. chr11:g.36585230_76606619del, a deletion of roughly 40Mb on chromosome 11). Syntax is based on HGVS...

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  • Junk part of the human genome unlocked

    ...elieved " Simple Quantitative PCR Approach to Reveal Naturally Occurring and Mutation-Induced Repetitive Sequence Variation on the Drosophila Y Chromosome Link :

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