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  • ChromEvol

    ...ture of eukaryotic evolution. Chromosome numbers can change by a polyploidy), or by single chromosome changes (ascending dysploidy...scending dysploidy via, e.g., chromosome fusion). Of the various mecha...ays by which the evolution of chromosome number proceeds. For each mod...

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  • RACA: Reference-Assisted Chromosome Assembly

    Rreference-Assisted Chromosome Assembly (RACA), an algorithm to reliably order and orient sequence scaffolds generated by NGS and assemblers into longer chromosomal fragments using...

    382 days ago

  • splitbam: splits a BAM by chromosomes

    splitbam splits a BAM by chromosomes. Using the reference sequence dictionary (...y BAM files if no sam record was found for a chromosome. A pair of 'mock' SAM-Records...exed reference file) REQUIRED. -u (unmapped chromosome name): default:Unmapped -e |...

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  • Pattern Searching in a Single Genome curiosity , but also give answers to many issuess uchas medical conditions . However,there are a number of ways of searching with in a single chromosome.

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    ...his page provides information about and downloads for methodology for Chromosome Painting. It is not a facilit...alyse your genome. Sorry if you were misled by the punchy name! About Chromosome Painting Painting is an effic...

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  • Ideoplot

    ...df -or- Rscript Ideoplot.R --annotate annotations.bed Options --ideobed, i A bed file of reference contig lengths/chromosome names --heatmap, -h Fill chromosomes with normalized heatmap...

    69 days ago

  • Smash: An alignment-free method to find and visualise rearrangements between pairs of DNA sequences

    ...cale. Nevertheless is more directed to large-scale since that the main aim of the research is to know where the large-scale [chromosomal by chromosome] of several primates was equa...

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    ...table) gives a detailed description of the variant and its location  (e.g. chr11:g.36585230_76606619del, a deletion of roughly 40Mb on chromosome 11). Syntax is based on HGVS...

    204 days ago

  • Junk part of the human genome unlocked

    ...elieved " Simple Quantitative PCR Approach to Reveal Naturally Occurring and Mutation-Induced Repetitive Sequence Variation on the Drosophila Y Chromosome Link :

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    ...abitrary size deletions, inversions and tandom duplications with the direction of discordant read pairs. PRISM_CTX is a tool for detecting inter-chromosome trans-location events. P...

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