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  • HTSeq: Analysing high-throughput sequencing data with Python

    Overview Paper Documentation overview Author License Prequisites and installation Installation on Linux Installation on MacOS X MS Windows A tour through HTSeq Reading in reads Reading and writing BAM files Genomic intervals and genomic arrays Counting reads by gene...

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  • Qualimap: Evaluating next generation sequencing alignment data

    Qualimap 2 is a platform-independent application written in Java and R that provides both a Graphical User Inteface (GUI) and a command-line interface to facilitate the quality control of alignment sequencing data and its derivatives like feature counts. Supported types of experiments i...

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  • Salmon: A tool for quantifying the expression of transcripts using RNA-seq data.

    Salmon is a tool for quantifying the expression of transcripts using RNA-seq data. Salmon uses new algorithms (specifically, coupling the concept of quasi-mapping with a two-phase inference procedure) to provide accurate expression estimates very quickly (i.e. wicked-fast) and whil...

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  • Single Cell RNAseq data analysis

    The ability to derive genome-wide mRNA expression data from a population of cells has proven useful in thousands of studies over the past two decades. In spite of their utility, traditional expression experiments are limited to providing measurements that are averaged over thousands of cells, whi...

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  • TABLET: Using Tablet for visual exploration of second-generation sequencing data

    Tablet features:     High-performance visualization and data navigation.     Display of reads in both packed and stacked formats.     File format support for ACE, AFG, MAQ, SOAP2, SAM, BAM, FASTA, FASTQ, and GFF3.     Import GFF3, ...

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