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  • BEDOPS v2.4.26: high-performance genomic feature operations

    BEDOPS v2.4.26 is a suite of tools to address common questions raised in genomic studies — mostly with regard to overlap and proximity relationships between data sets. It aims to be scalable and flexible, facilitating the efficient and accurate analysis and management of large-scale genomic...

    Tags: BEDOPS, high-performance, genomic, feature, operations, NGS, BED

    252 days ago

  • Alfred: BAM Statistics and Feature Counting

    The easiest way to get Alfred is to download a statically linked binary from the Alfred github release page. Alternatively, you can build Alfred from source. Alfred dependencies are included as submodules so you need to do a recursive clone. git clone --recursive

    Tags: Alfred, BAM, Statistics, Feature, Counting

    27 days ago