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  • RA at IISR Kozhikode

    INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SPICES RESEARCH (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Marikunnu P.O., Kozhikode – 673 012, Kerala Walk- in- Test cum Interview (based on test) for the selection of Research Associate under the scheme “Distributed Information Sub Centre –DISC” & Research Assista...

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    1382 days ago

  • Managing and Analyzing Next-Generation Sequence Data

    Centralized Bioinformatics Core Facilities provide shared resources for the computational and IT requirements of the investigators in their department or institution. As such, they must be able to effectively react to new types of experimental technology. Recently faced with an unprecedented floo...

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    1378 days ago

  • Extract list of read ID from bam file: samtools view mbi.sorted.bam |perl -ne '/ID/ && print' > extractedID.sam #Extract #Ids #SAM #BAM #NGS

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    1374 days ago

  • FastaQ 2 Fasta Oneliner: paste - - - -< totalRNA_placental_1.fastq | perl -pale'$_="@F[0..1]"'|tr "\^@" "\>" | perl -pale 's/\s/\n/g' #Oneliner #NGS #FastaQ #Fasta

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    1374 days ago

  • Next generation sequencing(NGS) books

    Employing different technologies, the purpose of NGS platform is to decode the identity or modification on the nucleotides. NGS platforms evolve quickly and capture the main stream. This bookmark is created to provide NGS online books links.

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    1368 days ago

  • Perl one-liner for bioinformatician !!!

    With the emergence of NGS technologies, and sequencing data most of the bioinformaticians mung and wrangle around massive amounts of genomics text. There are several "standardized" file formats (FASTQ, SAM, VCF, etc.) and some tools for manipulating them (fastx toolkit, samtools, vcftools, etc.),...

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    1367 days ago

  • Seqtk is a fast and lightweight tool for processing sequences in the FASTA or FASTQ format. #FASTA #FASTAQ #NGS


    1367 days ago

  • How to sequence the human genome - Mark J. Kiel

    View full lesson: Your genome, every human's genome, consists of a unique DNA sequence of A's, T's, C's and G's that tell your cells how to operate. Thanks to technological advances, scientists are now able to know the sequen...

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  • Bacterial genome assembly tips using Valvet #Assembly #NGS #Bacteria #Genome #Tricks #Tips #Velvet

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  • Genomics and Personalized Medicine Breakthroughs Human genome mapping is now enabling a breakthrough in medical innovation -- personalized medicine. What does this mean for patients? We can now identify predispositions to disease, predict how we metabolize drugs, and figure out what kinds of treatments we may respond to, an...

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