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  • For me as a newcomer bioinformatician this BOL website is my first love in Bioinformatics #BOLover

    1557 days ago

  • Video feature on BOL give an option to add bioinformatics video lectures/tutorials #BOLvideo #BOLover

    1531 days ago

  • Dear Spammers I hate you #hatespam

    1565 days ago

  • Bioinformatics= Sequencing NOW or more? #Omics

    1564 days ago

  • Do you want to compile your Perl program without running it, try $ perl -c <program> #Tipsoftheday #Perl

    1535 days ago

  • Added new page options in BOL. Aim is to provide good quality collective information/tutorial. #BOLpage

    1561 days ago

  • Looks like a very interactive website. #BOLover

    1563 days ago

  • I found BioinformaticsOnline(BOL) very interactive, and user friendly. #BOLover

    1565 days ago

  • Wow create group, blog, discuss ur research problems and make bioinformatics friends all at one place. #BOLover

    1563 days ago

  • Updated two new features in BOL, Opportunity and ResearchLabs menu. # Opportunity #ResearchLabs #NewFeature

    1562 days ago