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  • Which are the best statistical programming languages to study for a bioinformatician?

    In Bio-informatics based genome sequencing and predicting metabolic pathways research jobs I used Matlab, SAS, SPSS, R and several Bioconductor packages. Matlab had a lot of powerful tools and was easy to use, whereas SPSS is for non-programmers and R need programming skills. I am ...

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    1654 days ago

  • useR!

    The R project actively supports two conference series, organized regularly by members from the R community: useR! - providing a forum to the R user community - and DSC - a platform for developers of statistical software. Recently useR! conference have been organized University of Castilla-L...

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    1654 days ago

  • Try R Online

    One of the best R tutorial website, which provide an online interative interface to try and learn R language without any hassle. Link @

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  • R package for visualising GO enrichment

    An R package that visualizes the GO enrichment results as word clouds and arranges them together with figures of experimental data. This allows us to draw informative summary plots for analyses such as differential expression or clustering, where for each gene list we display its behaviour in the...

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    1642 days ago

  • If you are looking for good R & Bioconductor Manual visit #R #BioConductor

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  • Postdoctoral Associate - Bioinformatics at Duke University Medical Center

    The Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University Medical Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Associate for a one year appointment to work on several high-dimensional research projects. The specific goals of the project are to identify genes or molecular markers that are predicti...

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    1623 days ago

  • : R and Data Mining

    This website presents examples, documents and resources on data mining with R. Documents on using R for data mining are available to download for non-commercial personal use, including R Reference card for Data Mining, R and Data Mining: Examples and Case Studies and Time Series Analysis and...

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    1618 days ago

  • R and Bioconductor Tutorial

    This tutorial is intended to introduce users quickly to the basics of R, focusing on a few common tasks that  biologists need to perform  some basic analysis:  load a table, plot some graphs, and perform some basic statistics. More extensive tutorials can be found on the project we...

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  • Upcoming R Webinar

    This webinar will describe an R based approach to considerably speed GWAS computation time on a notebook book computer. More Register @ https:/...

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  • Some useful tricks for next generation seq analyst #Perl #R #C/C++

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