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  • Worldwide funding agencies to fund your bioinformatics research !!

    ...mic areas of basic biological research that are not heavily supporte...;The Leakey Foundation offers research grants of up to $25,000 to do.... The Foundation for Alcohol Research: As one can probably ass...for Anesthesia Education and Research: The FAER provides resea...

    523 days ago

  • Genetic Test in India

    ...Emergency Only)e-mail: 6.BioAxis DNA Research Centre Private Limited13-51, 10.Tata Memorial Centre, Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer Khar...

    1506 days ago

  • List of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Journals

    ...cture Protein Science Protein Engineering Proteomics Nucleic Acids Research Trends in Biotechnology Pro...nology Nature Nature Structural Biology Journal of Machine Learning Research Nature Genetics Current Opi...

    1313 days ago

  • List of Biotechnology Research Laboratory, University, and Centre in India

    ...ional Centre For Plant Genome Research (NCPGR), JNU, New Delhi National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), Gurgaon Nati...Sciences M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation National Centre...DST •  Agharkar Research Institute, Pune • ...

    156 days ago

  • Data Mining in Bioinformatics

    ...overy. Data Mining for Bioinformatics enables researchers to meet the challenge of m...are currently seven graduate students in the research group. Our research focuses o...sp;

    1532 days ago

  • miRNA database and tools

    Since few years miRNA has shown to play important role in therapeutic related research and also known to play vital role in controlling gene expression specifically at transcriptional...

    1081 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Definitions

    ...n's Bioinformatics Factsheet."Research, development, or application...ncy's ComputationalToxicology Research Glossary.What is Bioinformati...a large impact on biological research. Giant research projects targets in pharmacological research. However, membrane proteins a...

    1533 days ago

  • Genomics for Bioinformatician

    ...or genetics and is a common topic of modern medical and biological research. Research of single genes does not fall....Genomics to Society: Just as the HGP has spawned new areas of research in basic biology and in healt...

    1528 days ago

  • List of pharmacogenomics companies worldwide

    Pharmacogenomics are the most promising area of research. Here is the list of some Pharmacogenomics companies worldwide. Feel free to add more pharmacogenomics companies if not men...

    1507 days ago

  • Single Cell RNAseq data analysis

    ...kflow for low-level analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data A ste...utational Pipeline for Single Cell RNA-Seq Profiling Analysis

    20 days ago