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  • NCBI Updated Tree Viewer #NCBI #Viewer #Tree #Updates

    Tags: NCBI, Viewer, Tree, Updates

    975 days ago

  • BioLinux Ubuntu Desktop folder and files disappeared !!

    Restarted my BioLinux ubuntu computer after an update, and when I logged back in, I noticed that all of my files went missing. Instead of Desktop folder, icons of all of my home folder are showed on desktop. Then I thaught it migh be a problem of graphical display and I opened the terminal out o...

    Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Updates, Desktop, Disappeared, Nautilus, Config, Edit, BioLinux

    703 days ago

  • Coming of age: ten years of next-generation sequencing technologies #Sequencing #Technology #NGS #Updates

    Tags: Sequencing, Technology, NGS, Updates

    606 days ago

  • Update NCBI BLAST database in your local Linux system $ update_blastdb --passive --decompress nr nt #BLAST #Updates #NT #NR #Linux

    Tags: BLAST, Updates, NT, NR, Linux

    584 days ago