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  • Web Apollo: a web-based genomic annotation editing platform

    Web Apollo is the first instantaneous, collaborative genomic annotation editor available on the web. One of the natural consequences following from current advances in sequencing technology is that there are more and more researchers sequencing new genomes. These researchers require tools to desc...

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    177 days ago

  • Building Web UIs With Mojolicious Perl

    Mojolicious is one of 3 leading web frameworks available in the perl ecosystem (along with Dancer and Catalyst) and by far my favorite. Mojolicious aims to provide a complete web development experience. It thus has no hard dependencies, comes with a built-in development and production server and...

    Tags: Building, Web, UIs, Mojolicious, Perl

    26 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Web Application Development with Perl

    Perl's second wave of adoption came from the growth of the world wide web. Dynamic web pages—the precursor to modern web applications—were easy to create with Perl and CGI. Thanks to Perl's ubiquity as a language for system administrators and its power to manipulate text, it was the...

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    26 days ago

  • List of cancer genomics research web resources !

    Major web resources for cancer genomics research CGHub Comprehensive data repository; huge data size EGA Comprehensive data repository; huge data size COSMIC Largest somatic mutation database; genome sequencing paper...

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    25 days ago

  • Frontend: Perl Web framework documentation - Andrej Sali Lab

    The frontend is a set of Perl classes that displays the web interface, allowing a user to upload their input files, start a job, display a list of all jobs in the system, and get back job results. The main saliwebfrontend class must be subclassed for each web service. This class is then...

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    13 days ago

  • #Ruby #Web #Develpment

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    9 days ago

  • #Ruby #Web #Framework

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