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  • RNA Bioinformatics and High Throughput Analysis Jena

    ...esearch Topics: High Throughput Sequencing Analysis Comparative Genomics Identi...Annotation of Non-coding RNAs Bioinformatic Analysis and System Biology of Viruses...NAs Algorithmic Bioinformatics Phylogenetic Analysis

    1535 days ago

  • The Mills lab

    ...he laboratory is focused on the discovery and analysis of structural variation (SVs)...cluding: (i) paired-end mapping (or read pair analysis) based on abnormally mapped pairs of clone ends; (ii) read-depth analysis, which detects deletions and...

    698 days ago

  • GABi

    ...GABi scope are described next: Sequence Analysis Protein Structure Predic...ion Comparative Genomics Functional Analysis of Residues on Protein; base composition Highthroughput data analysis from NGS Lab Page http://g...

    1508 days ago

  • BIGRE Lab

    ...ation, evaluation and application of bioinformatics approaches for the analysis of genome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolism. Our main activities include Analysis of regulatory sequences (RSAT...

    1528 days ago

  • ArrayGen Bioinformatics Genomics Group

    ...hich is a one stop solution for microarray designing and genomics data analysis. Our novel Array Design Appro...xpediting research processes. ArrayGen specializes in Genomics data analysis and research, as we believe i...

    1213 days ago

  • BioRG

    ...bases, Pattern Discovery in sequences and structures, micro-array data analysis, prediction of regulatory elements, primer design, probe design, phylogenetic analysis, medical image processing, im...

    902 days ago

  • Giovanni Parmigiani Lab

    ...pancreatic and skin cancer. Statistical methods for the analysis of high throughput genomic data: analysis of cancer genome sequencing p...lifetime history of chronic disease outcomes; Bayesian meta-analysis; Bayesian causal inference; d...

    1586 days ago

  • Troyanskaya Lab

    ...ght produce developmental defects in model systems. Research Interest Genomic Data Integration Microarray Analysis Gene and Protein Function Prediction Detection and Analysis of Chromosomal Abnormalities...

    1558 days ago

  • Yau Group

    ...d. Yau Group develops statistical and computational methods for the analysis of genomic datasets with a pa...atistics. Yau Group are currently have projects in somatic mutation analysis of heterogeneous cancers, dat...

    1561 days ago

  • Rolland-Lagan lab

    ...biology. We use a combination of experimental work, microscopy, image analysis and computer simulations to e...mental biology, Computational biology, Simulation modeling, Image data analysis Link @ http://mysite.scien...

    1654 days ago