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  • Molecular and Computational Biology Research School

    The ambition of the Molecular and Computational Biology Research School (MCB) is to create an attractive and stimulating training environment for PhD students in molecular and computati...

    1585 days ago

  • The Breitbart lab

    ...reitbart’s lab has created a new branch of biology called metagenomics in which one can sample and sequence genetic material collected from the environment. Breitbart lab is located...

    1588 days ago

  • MIT Computational Biology Group

    ...erences and machine learning, and sharing a passion for understanding fundamental biological problems. We work in a highly interdisciplinary environment at the interface of Computer...

    1131 days ago

  • Huber Lab

    ...novel experimental approaches in genetics and cell biology. Future projects and goals Large-scale systematic maps of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions by automated phe...

    1596 days ago