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  • ArrayGen Bioinformatics Genomics Group stop solution for microarray designing and genomics data analysis. Our novel Arra...esearch processes. ArrayGen specializes in Genomics data analysis and research, a...mark-ability, and data analysis capability of genomics data over other forms of biol...

    1214 days ago

  • Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics, Grimmond Lab

    Queensland Centre for Medical Genomics Research Area: pancreatic cancer; ovarian cancer; prostate cancer; bowel cancer; brain cancer; endometrial cancer; breast cancer; personalised medicine; high-throughput genomics Link @

    1655 days ago

  • AU-KBC Lab

    Conducting Clinical Trial Management Course combined with the Apollo Hospitals. Major Research in bioinformatics as Drug Discovery, Functional Genomics, Comparative genomics, Data Mining More @

    1592 days ago

  • ShendureLab

    ...lab is to develop and apply new technologies and methods for genetics, genomics and molecular biology. Most o...c Approaches to Developmental Biology Massively Parallel Functional Genomics Translating Genomics to th...

    27 days ago

  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Erdmann's Lab

    Her prestigious lab working on Integrative and Experimental genomics to understand the underlying mechanism t...ction (MI) via GWAS, different Sequencing technologies and Functional genomics. Her lab is located at Instit...

    38 days ago

  • Venkatesh Lab

    We are using a comparative genomics approach to better understand the structure, function and evolution of...n genome. Our group is one of the pioneers in the field of comparative genomics. We proposed the compact geno...

    400 days ago

  • Sundar Lab

    ...erstanding DNA-protein interactions, genome engineering Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Secondary...Miers ex Hook. F. & Thoms" "Program support for Computational Genomics" More at http://web.iitd....

    1584 days ago

  • Gerstein Lab Genome Annotation: Processing Next-Gen Sequencing Data Comparative Genomics: Pseudogenes as Molecular and Function: Macromolecular Motions Analysis of Diverse Networks Genomics at the Forefront of Data Scie...

    1407 days ago

  • The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) Genomics Lab , Toronto, Canada.

    ...lities that use robotics and informatics to generate high-throughput screens of DNA, RNA, protein, tissue, chemicals and other substances. The genomics platform uses cancer genome s...

    1626 days ago

  • Fiona Brinkman Laboratory

    ...Research Area Investigating the role in disease of both the microbe and its host (i.e immune system failure), using genomics and systems biology-based approaches Using genomics and network analysis to chara...

    1655 days ago