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  • The Upton (VBRC) lab

    This Bioinformatics Resource (, the Canadian half of the now defunct VBRC) focuses on large DNA viruses: Poxviruses African Swine Fever Viruses Iridoviruse...

    1653 days ago

  • Nataša Pržulj Lab

    Nataša Pržulj Lab's research involves applications of graph theory, mathematical modeling, and computational techniques to solving large-scale problems in computational and systems biol...

    1606 days ago

  • Eivind Hovig's Lab

    Bioinformatics relevant research topics are: genomic scale studies endogenous mechanisms of mutations, germ line and somatic computational aspects of immunology in...

    1601 days ago

  • Huber Lab

    ...onal and statistical methods to design and analyse novel experimental approaches in genetics and cell biology. Future projects and goals Large-scale systematic maps of gene-gene...

    1596 days ago

  • Chang lab

    ...ven thousands of genes (gene parties) are coordinated to achieve biological meaning. We have pioneered methods to predict, dissect, and control large-scale gene regulatory programs; the...

    1581 days ago

  • Murray Cox's Genomicus Lab

    This group interested in modeling genome dynamics in following topics: ---how genetic variation is distributed within and between individuals, ---determining how thi...

    1579 days ago

  • Sandelin group

    Sandelin group have a deep interest in most biology, but focus on gene regulation and the many areas that are connected with this, including transcriptomics, epigenetics...

    1573 days ago

  • Rehmsmeier group

    "Our research focuses on understanding development, gene regulation, and epigenetics on a genome-wide scale, in the context of evolution. This involves the design and application of algorithms, statistics, and experimental approaches."

    1535 days ago

  • Roth Lab

    ...polymorphisms in S. cerevisiae and human populations. Alternative splicing and its relationship to protein interaction networks. Integrating large-scale studies including phenotype,...

    1413 days ago

  • The Graveley Lab

    ...reatively attack the problems being addressed using a wide variety of approaches that include biochemistry, genetics, imaging, deep sequencing, large-scale RNAi screening and bioinforma...

    1525 days ago