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  • Papenfuss Lab

    ...ave accelerated the development of understanding in human disease. Research Area: Analysis of Next Gene...malaria Computational comparative genomics Sensitive genomic sequence search techniques using hidden Marko...

    1686 days ago

  • The Minerva Research Group for Bioinformatics (Janet Kelso)

    ...focus of this group is to use computational approaches to gain an insight into genome evolution in primates. PNAS papers:

    1599 days ago

  • Rosenberg lab

    Research. Research in the lab focuses on mathematical, statistical, and computational problems...trees and species trees The role of human evolutionary genetics in the search for genes that contribute to...

    1004 days ago

  • Shendure Lab

    ...cations is available via PubMed. More Lab page @ http://kri...

    1599 days ago