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  • Bioinformatics Companies in India

    Following are the list of top 30 bioinformatics companies in India. The companies name order does not follow any specific pattern. 1. Accelrys Software Solution Pvt Ltd.12th Floor, Discover, ITPL, White Field, 2. Apticraft Systems (P) Ltd.142, Electronics Complex, ...

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  • List of bioinformatics companies worldwide #Companies #Worldwide #Bioinformatics #List #Name

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  • DNA testing companies around the globe !

    It was realized in the 1940s that DNA molecules are passed down through the generations of a family. In 1953 Watson and Crick elucidated the chemical structure of this molecule as a twisted ladder (a ‘helix’) made of two strands. DNA occurs in all the cells of our body, it is our blue...

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