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  • Jitendra Narayan

    About me: ...nt and amniotes evolution. I (We) develop certain computational pipeline, and algorithms to harness the huge amount of biological data (genomes, epigenomes, transcriptomes, proteomes,...

    6 days ago


  • Introduction of Epigenomics

    What is the epigenome? What does the epigenome do? What makes up the epigenome? Is the epigenome inherited? What is imprinting? Can the epigenome change? What makes the epigenome change? How do changes in the epigenome contribute to cancer? How are researchers exploring the epigenome?

    1600 days ago

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  • A web tool for exploring genome and epigenome data on a genomic scale. #Webtool #Exploring #Epigenome #Genomic

    1340 days ago

  • Profiling of high-throughput epigenetic data! #Omics #Seq #Epigenome

    1339 days ago

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  • MIT Computational Biology Group

    ...litated by our affiliation with the Broad Institute and the Computational and Systems Biology initiative (CSBi) at MIT, our participation in the Epigenome Roadmap, ENCODE, and modENCOD...

    1161 days ago